Revolver is agency software.
Just easier.

In 1999 we started developing
our first agency software.

We wanted to make it more convenient and more flexible
than anything else on the market.

Today, 14 years later,
more than 14.000 people are working with Revolver.

More people work with Revolver
than with any other agency software.
What a great success.

Revolver — has it all.

Adresses, Mails, Calendar, Projects,
Time Tracking, Invoices, Reports:
Included in one software.

Summary of all features: → Features

„It feels good to be able
to adapt everything by ourselves.“

Leif Langsdorf, Agency signalfeuer.

The Design-Mode.

  • Design new Printing-Forms, Input Masks and Reports
  • Adapt workflows individually to your agency demands

Even Prices Are Simple



19 €

CHF 23
per month


parallel users

49 €

CHF 59
per month


parallel users

99 €

CHF 119

per month


parallel users

149 €

CHF 179

per month


parallel users

199 €

CHF 239

per month

One Service
+ 2 service credits
per year.
Single user, no server.

Basic Service
+ 6 service credits
per year.

Plus Service
+ 12 service credits
per year.

Premium Service
+ 18 service credits
per year

Platinum Service
+ 24 service credits
per year
Each 10
additional users
100 €/120 CHF.

  • Updates and support credits included
  • Stated prices are complete prices — all users included
  • Data stored on your own servers

Terminable monthly after the first year. Upgrade possible any time, downgrade after the first year. Annual fee in advance for the first year, afterwards monthly rates (One: every 3 months).

Just download and start

  • No time limit – the demo runs endlessly
  • To test with parallel users, please request a Test-Code
→ Further Downloads


Callers from the USA call 1-866-317-3999.

  • Online-Presentation
    We would love to present Revolver to you.
    Please call us or send a mail to arrange an appointment.

“Revolver's charm is versatile. It's a great program that proceeds the happy medium.“

PC Professional

“Revolver turns out to be a sophisticated and very intuitive to use software.“


“A successful mixture of order processing, project management and personal information manager.“